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    <p><a href=""><img align="right" border="0" alt="" src=""></a>You have heard people say how easy it is to incorporate new navigation controls, either those you roll on your own or commercial ones you purchase, into a MOSS 2007 Publishing site... or any WSS v3 based site for that matter. Well, <strong>now you can see how easy it is</strong>!</p>
    <p><a href="">Telerik</a> just posted a white paper and associated screencast demonstrating how to incorporate their <a href="">RadMenu</a> control in a Publishing site. I worked with Telerik recently to create these helpful resources to show how easy it is. The white paper (and screencast) is broken down into three pieces:</p>
    <li>Manual deployment of the Telerik RadMenu files (assembly &amp; skin files) </li>
    <li>Configuring automated deployment of the Telerik RadMenu files via a WSS solution package (*.wsp) </li>
    <li>Implementing the RadMenu control into a Publishing site</li>
    <p>The second point listed above, configuring automated deployment, shows you how to create a Visual Studio 2005 project that will build a *.WSP file that you can use to easily roll the RadMenu out to various sites &amp; servers in your SharePoint farm. Sure, it takes a bit longer to setup than the manual process, but it saves you time and maintenance headaches down the road.</p>
    <p>Two things to note:</p>
    <li>Most of the controls in the Telerik RadControls UI suite can be implemented in a SharePoint site using the same technique outlined in the white paper &amp; screencast. </li>
    <li>The controls, including RadMenu, are not restricted to Publishing sites... you can add them to any WSS v3 based site.</li>
    <p>&raquo; <a href="">White paper &amp; screencast: Adding the Telerik RadMenu Control in a MOSS 2007 Publishing Site</a></p>
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